AlphaChem Innovations is a start-up chemical company with a broad range of expertise in organic synthesis, natural products, and drug discovery.

AlphaChem conducts original chemical research in life science, material science, and agricultural applications.

AlphaChem Innovations provides contract research and manufacturing services for industrial clients. This includes custom synthesis of novel organic compounds, methods development, scale-up, and manufacturing.




AlphaChem Innovations takes on most difficult chemical problems, thanks to the strong team of Ph.D. level chemists, and offers competitive prices

AlphaChem Innovations offers the following chemicals for sale:


  • Phytyl Bromide CAS # 76524-59-9
  • Phytyl Acetate CAS # 10236-16-5
  • Phytyl Benzoate CAS # N/A
  • Farnesyl Acetate CAS # 4128-17-0 or 29548-30-9
  • Farnesyl Benzoate CAS # 89637-63-8
  • N-Acetyl-S-Farnesyl-L-Cysteine CAS # 135304-07-3
  • S-Phytyl-L-Cysteine CAS # N/A